Conscious Alignment ✨

Conscious Alignment….

There is a love so deep it cannot be expressed or experienced through human understanding.

It is a vibrational essence that creates the seed of life ~ we are here to germinate this seed and spread its knowledge throughout our being, awakening the divinity within.

We all carry this precious cargo within the fragments of our Soul.
All predestined through divine agreement to awaken and encompass this divinity in our own perfect now moment.

Don’t seek perfection outside of you…it can only be accessed from true alignment with God/Source/Spirit.

“Come into the stillness of your own being, and deep within the folds of conscious alignment you will find me there…”

” Come and taste the essence of you’re own divinity and you will just experience a drop of the love and compassion that is of me..”

“Come and rest in the countenance of my light and it shall be a reflection in what you find in you’re own Soul”

“Come and rejoice for all that I am, you are also ~ seeded from my essence, a sovereign Soul, majestic in beauty and magnificent in the light of you “

You are here as a guardian, a driver of change, a bastion of knowledge to lift up the collective consciousness.

Feel the love I have for you….
Let it wash over you like a blanket of golden gossamer.. Reflecting the beauty within for all to see…

It is time…. Time to spread the seeds your soul is carrying ~ let the winds of knowledge and love seed and generate this land with beauty and compassion ~ let all Souls rest in joy and feel true happiness in each moment.

Copyright ©️ Deborah J Williams 2021
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Into the stillness…

In moments of stillness, we comfort you.

In moments of stillness, we converse with you.

When we are still we become present in the moment.
Let the noise and clutter of everyday life fall away.
Sink into the stillness and tap into the energies we offer you.

Within these moments of quiet contemplation, we will exchange deep and meaningful conversations.

Wisdom of the ancients revealed, waiting to be released from the DNA fragments of your Soul… The lineage you carry is a precious cargo… Together we will tap in and redirect the neural pathways.

Be still and listen, be open to receive our communications. Still, the chatter that blinds our conversations.

As energies are exchanged, the quantum field of plasma opens as you are received into this space. Vibrational alignment solidified in one unique data stream.

A stream of knowledge, a stream of wisdom, a stream of unconditional love.
Feel the change in vibration as your energy Sours.

You are everywhere in all things at one time, symbiotic alignment across the stratosphere. Do you feel it? do you remember?

Tap into the resources we offer you.
Come and communicate with us on the edge of existence and ride the wave of universal creation.

Within you is the power of creation.
Focus with intent and the precision of a laser beam.

You will forge a new reality, birth a new destiny and live a new life.

There is great power in what we speak, great power in what you seek.

Come meet us in the Stillness, in the spaces, between the spaces in the depth of the breath….

We will be waiting….

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You are the light…🌷

You are the light….

There is a light that shines to you, through you and from you….

A light so precious, so delicate and so bold….

Do not hide this light away…..For too long the world has been starved of your light….

The light that guides you, is the light of illumination for others….

It is time to put down your worldly goods and share the light of your Soul…

Become the light that others seek
Become the salvation in the darkness.

Within your Soul are the keys of awakening that have been planted….
It is time to spread these seeds and germinate the light within the very fibres of the Souls you touch…

“Look not to me for guidance or love for you are of me and all I am is already within you ~ waiting to be discovered and ignited.
Waiting to be claimed and shared.
You are Sovereign in all you do…
Let the love that emanates from your Soul shine in all its bountiful glory…”

It is time to reach for the stars and swim in the deepest fathoms of the Oceans….

You are wild and you are free… It is the becoming ~ the becoming of you in all your glorious splendour.

You are the light you have been seeking..understand these words and sit in the countenance of your own Being.

“I am the spark for you to become the inferno… Go forth and ignite the world, for it is time to rise, time to love, time to guide humanity forward”

Like a Phoenix rise in the splendour of the countenance of your own soul.

Remember I am with you always, there is a universal diversity within the matrix of your Soul.
Tap into the resources within your own divinity ~ ride on the tidal wave of love and burnish this planet with the seeds of awakening ripe and ready for germination.
Sing your song, shine your light, the World is waiting…”

You are the light, illuminating this space, claim it and extinguish the darkness…

Let it flow like moulton lava and regeneration will follow…. Plant the seeds that will become and awaken the ancient teachings of a world without end

Become the guardians of this place….nurture it, protect it and ALL life will flourish….

Copyright ©️ Deborah J Williams 2021
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Vibrational awareness of expansion….

Vibrational awareness of expansion…

Where there is expansion
familiarity is outgrown and perception changes.

What and who was once comfortable can feel energetically abrasive and often no longer resonates.

There may be feelings of frustration or disheartening vibration by this aspect of change…

The Universe is stretching you… Encouraging growth and expansion that is needed to lift the vibration of self and in turn the vibration of the collective.

” I say to you ~ you are loved in all things, in all ways for who you are and who you are becoming.”

Step into this multidimensional expansion and align with a higher version of self to expand exponentially.

When this happens, ideas perception and tolerances change.
Emphasis changes, focus sharpens and what is no longer in equilibrium with the Soul falls away.

“I say to you dear child ~ there is Nothing wrong, this is what you are here for.

Embrace the change, do not fight it, let it lead to new adventures and open up new avenues of interest.

It takes great strength to walk away…
It takes great courage to embrace change and stand alone.

Comfort zones will be altered..
Perceptions will change as expansion into deeper understanding is realised.

New avenues, ideas and opportunities will open, allow and encompass the journey.

Change can be painful when there is resistance.
Let go and flow, be as malleable as water ~ flow with ease around any perceived obstructions.

Expand into the future with ease….

Change can also be beautiful ~ allowing growth in all areas.

As the Soul expands the viewpoint and perception of what is deepens…

No longer swim in the shallows, but dive into the depths of spiritual awareness and quantum growth on this journey of awakening.

Truth ~ is truth wherever an individual sits on the spectrum. The line of truth is the truth from the perspective viewpoint expressed.

Dive deeper into awareness, embrace the growth, understand this from a higher perspective.

What was true yesterday does not become an untruth today… Expansion beyond the point of acceptance has been reached.
The truth will always be the truth for those that resonate at the vibrational point of that truth.

Your truth is who and what you express in line with the level of vibrational awareness you hold.

Do not be afraid to find you’re voice, as you step into and embrace this awareness.

Become the Master of you’re own Destiny.

Live on the edge.

It is time to lead not follow.

Step into the authenticity of Self. Embrace the uniqueness of whom you are.

You are sovereign, authentic and loved for all eternity… Whole and complete just as you are….
Copyright ©️ Deborah J Williams 2021
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In the arms of Creation

Meet me at the edge of nowhere, where the edge of everything exists in one single moment.

Where matter becomes a fluid vibration and all exists in unison.

Where vibration moves like liquid gold and embodies living Sentient Beings.

Great love exists for you within this space.

Breathe in the energy, come swim in the thermals and be cleansed by the vibrations we offer you to embrace.

Sit in the audience of the Creator of Creation, where there is a seamless interface of all that exists.

All is one and one is all, woven into existence and never separate.

Density is replaced with lightness as all cells are rejuvenated to perfect health.

Within the windmills of your mind experience the beauty of this space.

A place where all is one and one is all. No beginning, no ending just existence of all in perfect harmony.

You are a spark of divine creation, a seed to be nurtured within the Soul of your living energy ~encompassing all the majestic components of creation within a human form.

Do not think you are less than you are.

With the heart of love, the essence of compassion, swim in the vibrational energy we offer you and be cleansed from that that no longer serves you.

Rise as a Being of light, lift and light the way, embrace who you are. 

A Being of light, whole complete and filled with such divine energy.

Do not dwell with the bottom feeders, when you can soar with the Eagles.

Experience such a panoramic vista of perfection in front of you and bask in the glory of who you are.

Rise like the sun in the morning, and shine like the stars at night. Embrace the magnificence of YOU.

A light and spark of divine energy incarnated on earth.

Remember who you are… Soar in the brilliance of divine compassion and love ~ spread the light and spread the love.

Copyright ©️ Deborah J Williams 2021

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Settle into stillness 💞

There is a stillness that settles over you like a blanket of protection.

Rest and listen to the vibration of your Soul not the noise that governs this world.

It is time to seek peace from the universe that is found deep within your Soul.

Take time to sit on the grass and listen to the birds in the trees. 

Let your senses be emerged in the sounds and smells of nature.

Feel the gentle love as you rest on the bed of nature. 

Hush the noise of the world and let your senses guide you deep into stillness and I will meet you there.

Copyright ©️ Deborah J Williams

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There are some days when just getting out of bed is a victory in itself..

Others when you wake up and greet a new day with gusto…

Know I am with you in all circumstances ~ never doubt this…

There are energies that do not serve you…. This disservice of vibrational alignment is too dense and it pulls you down….

As I gently support and shower you with unconditional love… 

Be encouraged to place any heavy burdens on the ground…

This density is not for you to hold any longer but to shed like a layer of skin….

Do not carry this a moment longer. Place it energetically on the ground and physically step away.   

There is great honour and strength for the path you are on… Great love for the endurance you have shown..

You are gently encouraged to let go and give me any heavy burdens….

For I will transmute this energy and it shall be returned to the light….

Rest my child, rest in the arms of unconditional love and allow the healing to begin….

Breathe, for this is the Source of all life and the Source of all strength…
Sit in fellowship and communication with your guides….

Feel the love they share with you….

Drink in the rapturous applause for the work you have done and the honour and sacrifice you have endured…

It is time… 

It is time my child to let go and give this burden to me….

You are so worthy of this gift. Release this density that has shackled you for so long..

Do not doubt your worthiness … 

I am the light that burns brightly in all things.

Turn your face to the light and bask in the beauty of the first rays of dawn.. 

Just as the sun rises each morn, know I am with you and you are with me….

I reside deep within your heart, within the fragments of your DNA….

Come and spend time in sacred communication…

Do not doubt, I will and have always been waiting for you.

It is time to write a new chapter, to pen a new poem and sing a new song.

Day by day life will change when you oscillate at a higher frequency…

Day by day you will be guided and uplifted.

The first step is yours, lay down what is no longer serving you…
Change is a beautiful aspect to embrace.

A strength to build on and a pledge that what you embrace and accept will uplift and transform your life in ways you can’t fathom currently.

It is time to bloom, it is time to shine..

Stand in the full magnificence of who you are….

Come out from under the bushel and let your light shine ✨ 

Copyright ©️ Deborah J Williams 2021
No copyright ©️ over the images.

Spread the love 💞

Love is a complex emotion, but it is the beauty of all you are.

We invite you to take time out of your day and tune into the vibration of love.

Where possible sit within the beauty of nature.

Breathe deeply my child and let the emotions and noise of the day around you fade away.

Breathe deep and long and feel the stillness we offer you.

Today we invite you to rest in the vibrational eminence of this vibration.

Vibration is more than a feeling it needs to become a way of being.

Let the vibration of love emanate through all your being.
As the sun warms your body let the love flow.

Breathe in the love we so tenderly offer you.

Let it seep into your essence and build up a vortex of fire to sustain your day.

We invite you to become the essence of love.

Find and tune into the vibration and bask in its glory. 

As we connect with the earth ~ share this vibration with the planet. Send it through the grid and let it bless all it touches with the same deep vibration of love we offer you.

Let this vibration resonate with you daily and eliminate this from every pore of your being.

Share with love, share with compassion but most of all share with love.

We invite you to do this daily and watch the miracle of what was a dream become the reality of what is.

You will feel the energetic shift on a quantum level ripple throughout the Cosmos.

What you emit returns to you 100,000 fold.

Be love, eliminate love, infuse love into all you do.

Day by day the strength of this vibration will grow. Day by day the vibration of those around you will soften into the vibration of love you are sharing.

Share with love and become the driver of change to bring the light back to the Souls you touch daily by partaking in this practice.

Hold the vibration and share it with all on your path. Dad by day the vibration will shift…

Copyright ©️ Deborah J Williams.

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Release Fear 🌷

Release Fear 🌷

Fear can be so debilitating, it wraps around you like a tight vine. Squeezing the life out of your Soul.

It can be paralysing and is not intended to assist you in anyway.

When you hold on and do not move forward with growth you become trapped in a cycle of pain.

Fear is the most devastating feeling. It’s the failure to move forward, release resistance flow like the river or stay stuck ~ the choice is yours.

Frozen where you are, being unable or unwilling to process the action needed to resolve your current circumstances does not serve you.

One is encouraged to sit with fear and understand what is going on, feel into how and why it is affecting and triggering you in such a way.

Where is this vibration eliminating from?

How is it serving you at this time?

Why is it present currently and more importantly how do you move past it?

We are here to tell you this vibration does not serve you when you sit and wallow in this dense vibration.

Fear is designed to stretch you, you are here to observe and not get lost or trapped in the body of this emotion.

We encourage you to detach yourself from the emotion, and sit and observe the situation.

Contemplate why it is triggering you so?
Consider what it is here to teach you?
What lesson is it bringing forth for you to heal?
What trauma is it attached to, what do you need to release?

Tune into the essence of your heart and ask these questions…

This is not a vibration for you to dwell in or get trapped in.

Look at this as a chance to grow and to move past this current situation. How is this attached to you ~ how can you release the cycle of torment?

We tell you this with kindness…

Love, compassion and forgiveness are all ways to navigate through this dense vibration.

Truly love yourself, if you perceive yourself not to be as you wish to be. Know you are perfect in every way. You are loved exactly as you are.

You are here to experience and grow from this perceived dark place.

What you are feeling?

Could this be an echo from a past incarnation brought down the generational timeline and resurfacing now for healing?

You may have been affected by subliminal messages you are not aware of ~ what continual messages are you telling yourself?

You may be reacting to trauma either know or unknown to you at this time.

As we speak to you know that whatever is the cause, love, compassion and forgiveness are the answer, release this fear and breathe in a lighter vibration open to you.

Lift your vibration, reach for things that bring joy into your world.

We understand it is difficult to trust and let go.
Please trust all will be well on the other side.

Are there people or situations that no longer serve you at this time….

Minute by minute, hour by hour, day by day, week by week we love you and we ask you gently to love yourself.

You are not a victim of fear, you have done nothing wrong ~ fear holds you, prisoner until you find the inner strength to face this and let go.

We are here with you, loving you and supporting you through this process.

Breathe my child know wherever you are on your journey all is well.

Your answers do not come from the world around you, but from the beautiful universe that resides in, you’re Soul.

Sit and listen to the breeze or the ebb and flow of the ocean.

Let the rhythm of these sounds bring peace to your mind.

Open your heart and feel with your Soul sing with harmony.
Feel the love we have for you
Feel the support of your ancestors who sit on your ancestral timeline.
Feel the joy they emit as you release this fear… Bound in your family for generations.

Feel the love envelope you and sit in the stillness of your essence.

Stand under a waterfall of energy and a vortex of healing light.
Let this energy cleanse you.
Wash all the fear from you, let it cleanse your mind and still your Soul.

Rise like a Phoenix ~ victory is yours for the taking. Know we are constantly supporting you in every situation to become and step into the highest embodiment of yourself.

We love you now and always 🌷

Copyright ©️ Deborah J Williams.
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Unification of self…

Within the fragments, you will find the whole you seek.

Listen to us when we say…
It is time to bring the fragments together.

They have never been lost just suspended awaiting their return.

You are whole, yet you feel broken, this is an illusion of false doctrine taught…

Call back these fragments, feel the Unification, feel the love.

You are whole, and it has always been so….

You have embarked on a journey to discover what has been forgotten, but has always been true…

Integrate your bodies ~ find true alignment, for this is where the bliss and the magic resides.

Listen to us when we say….
Just as a delicate flower opens in the spring sunshine when it feels the warmth of the air….

Your heart to will open as a delicate flower to reveal the love and knowledge stored within your Soul…

Don’t let your mind be corrupted by the false programming of societal agendas.

Do not let yourself be tainted by the harshness of this reality….all is not as it seems….

Listen to us when we say…

Bathe in the Sun and feel the warmth of our love. ..

Connect all aspects of Self and bathe in the brilliance of who you are, and have always been..

Allow your Soul to Sing and your Joy to rise.

Find sanctuary in knowing you are whole and complete and nothing is different from this.

Sit in nature and feel the healing we offer you at this time.

Feel the breeze on your skin

The smell of blossom in the air..

The sound of the birds on the wing, and the warmth of the Sun as you connect with all of nature…

Disconnect from technology 24/7  reset in the grace of the natural habitat.

Sit quietly and hear gentle whispers as we gently speak to you…

Feel the gentleness of the water in the brook as it tumbles over stones…

The sound of the bees collecting nectar from freshly open shoots

Marvel at the flight of the first butterflies taking to the wing…

These are the things that will fill your heart with joy when you connect to your inner aspects of self.

Call in the elements, work within nature, go back to your roots…work with the divine forces within your own Soul.

Dive in and explore the Universal awareness open to you. All you seek will be given to you when you seek from within.

Listen to us when we say…

Listen and let your senses be washed with divine grace. 

With compassion you will come to understand.

With love you will blossom…

With awareness you will teach…

With faith and trust, you will know and triumph in the glory of the divine.

Copyright ©️ Deborah J Williams.No copyright ©️ over the images.