Tears of love ✨

Tears of Love ✨

Within the expansion of awareness, there are gossamer threads spinning within the realisation of reality.

A web of infinity, in an ever-expanding stream of consciousness.

As we grow, the universe grows, nothing is static, for we are consciousness living within a static matrix.

A false reality so alien to our original form..

We are infinite consciousness, multidimensional beings~ a living vibration of conscious awareness.

All connected on a core level, the same light burns brightly in us all.

I silently cry for those who feel lost, for those who have been misguided or deceived, and no longer stand on the bridge of truth.

I silently cry as my heart aches, for the beauty that they will not see and love that they will not know.

I silently cry for the shadow that binds them. For the darkness that has shrouded their very soul… Forgive them for they don’t know what they do…

Tears of love fall gently upon this fertile soil… Let them seep into the very heart of every being.

Tumbling like a cascade of water, let them permeate into the rivers and lakes. Caressing all who swim, drink and play within these waters enriching and blessing them as they are cleansed.

Let these blessings flow eternally, restoring purifying and enriching the lives of those it touches.

Forever enhanced and blessed once again to bathe in the beauty of their divine Soul, free to love and be loved.

Dwell within the heart of the inner sanctum, pay homage to what you discover there. Sit in the countenance of your own spirit and let the light of love wash over you like freshly falling rain. Cleansing and uplifting your spirit on a Soul level.

We are born to shine, love and be loved, seek and you shall find this once again. Bathe and bask in the divinity you find there, for this is your absolute birthright.

Copyright ©️ Deborah J Williams 2021
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Creation at the point of conception ✨

Creation at the point of conception

To stand in true alignment is to embrace quantum reality at the point of creation.

Birthing and bathing in this energy at the point of conception shapes what illuminates and ripples throughout the Cosmos.

Energy is at the core of our being… expanded through love flowing eternally, blessing all it touches through the divinity of grace and truth.

Seek the truth within the inner sanctum, perpetually embrace creative awareness, to witness the power of sacred truth from a space of divine mastery.

Love is the very essence of divine creation. Birthed through truth, purity and clarity secured within a space of divine enlightenment.

Love in its purest form is an expanse of ecstatic energy rippling from one form to another, filling the Cosmos with deep grace and hallowed understanding on a microscopic level….

All of creation ripples in sequential succession harmonising harmonic frequencies at a level yet to be attained within our earthly form.

As Gaia ascends to meet the frequency we oscillate at on a core level, we are called to awaken and encompass the true frequency of our authentic divine blueprint.

Harness the energy, rise like a Phoenix and ascend to greet your actual authentic self ~ as you rise in oscillation to once again witness the dawn of creation from a point of illuminated enlightenment.

Copyright ©️ Deborah J Williams 2021.
No copyright ©️ over the image.

Cocoon of existence..✨

Cocoon of existence..✨

We sleep within the cocoon of existence, safe and protected from the elements of any external force.

Preparing to emerge from the depths of this hidden reality to transform within this protected space.

The time is fast approaching when the metamorphosis will be complete.

A time of growth

A time of change,

A time of complete transformation is almost done.

Senses are aware of the changes to come, as the veil of protection thins, the soul light grows and expands.

Like the lava of a nymph, to emerge from this watery space as the cocoon dissolves and the metamorphosis is complete.

The heart beats wildly at the expectation of change, to breathe from the life essence within, and to walk within the land where the sleep still reside is both a blessing and an honour.

Having met oneself in the depths of the I AM and bathed in the beauty of the essence of the sacred self.

A spark of divinity from the essence of the Soul is aligned and with the beauty of transcendence it is birthed into awareness.

Life beyond the veiled reality of what is , is a blessing to receive. An awakening on a visceral level..

Secure in the knowledge of the I AM, Sovereign elements standing secure and steadfast in the knowledge of the truth.

Whole and complete, a living emergence of divinity birthed from within to release the trappings of the exterior.

Rise and stand secure in the essence of the I AM, unshaken, unmasked, firm in the knowledge as you express the divinity of the lineage you represent

Be at peace ~ embrace the sacredness of your Soul. Burn brightly. Let the flicker become a flame and the flame becomes, a fire, and the fire becomes an inferno…

Embrace the sanctity of you… You are the light, shine for all to see.

Copyright ©️ Deborah J Williams 2021
No copyright ©️ of the beautiful Image by Dominique Claire Germain. https://eraofpeace.org/products/the-new-5th-dimensional-solar-violet-flame-artwork 💞

From the depths of my Soul ✨

From the depths of my Soul, I welcome you Like spring water on a hot dusty day. You quench my thirst in totality.

A thirst that has been burning from the dawn of creation. 
Birthed to discover each other ~ time after time..

A conjoining on such a visceral level.Quantum expanse does not break the thread that binds us.Two Souls, united in the cosmic web of reality..

Predestined to come together in each and every way. The coupling of a deep carnal desire builds to such a crescendo even before I gaze upon your physical form, the echo of your memory leaves me breathless in anticipation.

In such an intricate dance, by just being, you can take me the edge of ecstasy.

Soul of my soul I yearn for you ~ there is a deep chasm driven by a carnal need. A void to examine and illuminate with the light of a thousand suns.

Soul of my soul, from whence do you come.I am patiently waiting for the sun to fill this aching void once more….

I see echoes of you in the distance… Like a mirage in the blistering Savannah heat… Smiling with such tenderness…

To feel the breath of life once again and quench this carnal thirst, this ache that leaves me breathless with desire….

Until we meet again on the foothills of expectancy to ride the wave of ecstasy I will see you in the spectrum of my dream time 💞

Copyright ©️ Deborah J Williams 2021No copyright ©️ over the image. 

Love is…💞

Love is at the core of our being.
A frequency so pure it radiates from us like rays of liquid gold.

To love all things through the purity of love is the beginning and end of all that should be…

Love does not manipulate or divide, it just is… A harmonic resonance between two souls.

It is the perception of others, the tricks of the egotistical mind, or the false doctrine of societal separation and segregation that manipulates and destroy the frequency of love.

To truly love one must step out of this paradigm and connect with the essence and purity of the vibration. To love on such a deep cellular level that truth in its entirely is laid bare as its witness.

We are beings of love, born of love, to create and emit the frequency of love.

Anything outside of the purity of this vibration of oneness is tainted by the illusion of a perspective not in alignment with the core frequency of our universal and individual conscious thought.

To love at such a core level is to witness the purity of creation in the exquisiteness of the moment.

For too long we have been blinded by thought, limited by fear, and controlled by the beliefs of others.

Dive deep into the essence of your Soul. Lay bare the thoughts, fears and beliefs. Examine each and trace them to the core essence of truth. If this truth lies outside of you, then it is not of you, and not in vibrational alignment with the true conscious expression of your Soul.

Build the core values of Self from the singular perspective of truth emitting through the frequency of love, and the vibrational resonance of your Soul will sing in harmony with universal alignment.

Be love, for you are of love.
Shine love, let the frequency burnish all with the purity of truth, as being by being is brought back to the source of creation to witness the birth of Oneness as experienced through the purity of this vibration.

Copyright ©️ Deborah J Williams 2021
No copyright ©️ over the image

Revelation of Truth✨

Revelation of Truth ✨

As we grow we harness the Soul…
It is to the Soul of Souls we turn, from whence creation was made into form.

Each molecule across cosmic alignment has been born out of the essence of creation. 

Each intertwined with a molecular frequency… Of the same but not similar in appearance….

The structure of form may be very different, but the frequency of energy is the same at the core of all.

We are brothers, sisters, aunts and uncles, mothers, fathers, grandparents and children of all living organic matter and the divine harmonic frequency that exists in us all.

There is no separation, no difference at a core level… We are one Cosmic family, housed in many different forms, existing for the creation and evolution of all.

It is time we put away our childish games….

It is time we stirred and shifted the illusion of perception.

Time we opened to the concept of unilateral symbiotic coherence and acceptance of all living energy, whatever its outward form ~ as kin.

For far too long humanity has laboured under the false dictatorial decree of the few.

Old patterns and paradigms are crumbling. Deceit is being unveiled, atrocities revealed on such a magnitudinal level it is difficult to comprehend such barbarous activity.

These are not only patterns of the past for this behaviour seeps and is rampant in the very fabric of the present. 

Do not turn your head in shame at the suffering of the few… Stand and be the voice of change, too often we are becoming indoctrinated and blind to the experiences of others, by the desensitisation of the masses. 

It is time to stand… Stand for justice, stand for Hope…

Wake up from your apathetic slumber and reclaim the Sovereignty of your, Soul and your life.Stand in unity, stand in love…
For love conquers all things.

We are of love, born to be love, here to embrace and teach about love on a universal level…

Embrace the love of the father, the same love as that of your Soul..

Shine with love and let it burnish everything with peace harmony and tranquillity as we open the the revelation of all that is, and all that has ever been.

Copyright ©️ Deborah J Williams 2021No copyright ©️ over the image. 

Shifting density ✨

There comes a time when the density is shifting.

In the stillness of a storm there is a palpable shift…. As energy dissipates tension is released.

There is a cleansing with the rhythmic sound of gentle summer rain… Atmospheric ions are released, cleansed restored and uplifted….

Tune into the energy, let your Soul be purified by the gentle tones as the rain bounces off the ground.

Embrace the cleansing and come once again the the centre of your existence.

Let your ears hear the music your essence hungers for.

Let your eyes marvel at the beauty as droplets punctuate puddles with circles of perpetual motion.

Let the energy seep into your Soul and cleanse the inner chamber of the I AM…Feel the release, acknowledge the shift. 

Like a child dance with love and laughter in your heart as joy filters through your being….

Oneness with the forces of nature…a true coupling on a soul level… Symbiotic resonance that uplifts and resets the harmonic frequency.

Clarity rejuvenated, density shifted, feel the vibration move through your soul uplifting the frequency like the notes of a flute meandering through the forest arousing the senses.

Jubilation as the harmonics transport you to a space of joy, a space of freedom and a space of liberty.

Soak up the essence of this vibration and let it exude from you through the mists of ages to uplift all who cross its path.

Rapture and Joy felt and expressed on a soul level when true unification and oneness are attained. 

Be the love you are and share the love you receive to enrich creative consciousness in all.

Copyright ©️ Deborah J Williams 2021No copyright ©️ over the image. Beautiful painting by Sherrell Rodgers.

Do not look back in anger ✨

Do not look back in anger…

Life is a beautiful dance of situational circumstances…

Through experiences, we learn and grow… to bloom into our becoming…

Life can be a dance of many directions… 

Forward to growth revealing incredible opportunities. Opening up to the allowance of trust, belief and faith… Releasing old patterning and expelling egotistical mindsets and beliefs that no longer align with the sovereign truth we are stepping into 

Round and round, reviewing and appraising what we are already experiencing. Within each cycle growing more aware and analyzing our intentions, focusing on releasing and allowing the shedding of the old to create and illuminate space for the forward momentum of evolving.

Backwards reviewing and comprehending the decisions we made, directions we chose and the trajectory it illuminated.

Reviewing how these decisions have shaped our experiences, discerning the lessons and the blessings of each decision in unison, but looking with the awareness of the part it played in the whole dance not just the sectional past it represents.

Being humble and grateful for the myriad of dances and the awareness of inner growth and evolutionary transcendence that ignites in our soul growth.

Within each of these sacred dances we learn, grow, assimilate, understand and accept the honour of our spiritual exploration.

Life is full of undulating paths all leading to the same destination, but individually offering a variety of experiences depending on the decisions and beliefs at the time of the initial encounter.

Do not look back in anger, for each of these events are sacred dances to open the awareness of our spiritual essence. 

Within each dance, there will be unique obstacles to overcome, heartache and elation, death and devastation, euphoria and rapture.

Each predestined to trigger the trajectory of your next physical and spiritual encounters.

As we weave and intertwine between all of these sacred dances we grow exponentially, empowering in us a variety of assimilation beyond the understanding of the human psyche.

Perpetual forward movement along the trajectory of awakening. Walking boldly in our exploration, embracing what is, and allowing what will be.

Seeded in the essence of the I AM to stand in the magnitude and celebrate the Sovereignty of our Soul.

Whole and completely autonomous in word thought and deed. Aligned with universal consciousness.

Soul of my Soul, breath of my breath spiritual alignment exuding through vibrational resonance to embrace Oneness in its entirety. 

We are home… embrace the journey through the lens of the sacred dance and truly step into the embodiment of the I AM. A sovereign Soul of universal consciousness riding the wave of creative understanding on the journey to discover the beauty of our inner divinity.

Copyright ©️ Deborah J Williams 2021

No copyright ©️ over the image, image created by Shafique Faroogi.

As it was in the beginning ✨

Too often we are trapped by a myriad of impressions, imprisoning us within a maze of discontent.

Ego will lead us up a blind alley, in an attempt to delay our growth.

We must release the ego, step aside from fear and transcend into a state of allowing acceptance to truly master our spiritual awakening.

For we must go back to the beginning ~ seek what has enslaved us across the ages of existence.

Face what binds us, understand and release all trauma that is not serving our growth and expansion into oneness at this time.

It is time to shed the density that entraps us within a false reality.
Still your mind and open your heart.

Set ego aside…

For the truth indeed will set you free.
Truly step into the beauty of your Soul light.

Marvel at the magnificence and luminosity you find there.
Sit in Awe at the clarity and allow the symbiotic assimilation of truth to transcend and ignite a furnace of translucency as you move forward.

Tap into this space, expand into the knowledge of who and what you are.

Connect with your soul mission, no longer swayed or misguided for truth and clarity are laid bare before you. 

Shining like jewels in a muddy pond. No longer hidden but aligned and embodied from the very Soul of existence.

Blood of my blood, the light of my light I am with you and in you every step of the way.

Feel me in the depths of your Soul and let me illuminate the way so others will follow.

Copyright ©️ Deborah J Williams 2021

No copyright ©️ over the image

Unification of the Soul

No single aspect is greater or lesser than the next.

Together they co~exist in symbiotic harmony. Each supporting individual aspects of the next.

Diverse in structure, unique in nature, none lesser or greater than the next ~ collectively unified to embrace the whole and shine in multidimensional splendour.

Humanity echoes similarities in diversity, but often fails to support the unique sovereignty of each of its aspects. Failing to recognise, embrace and accept individual conduits as multidimensional aspects of the structure as a whole.

For too long we have been swayed by the minority who proclaim to act for the whole resulting in division and alienation from the whole. Often where acceptance, tolerance and unity are shunned instead of being embraced and celebrated.

There is no division, no separation we are kin, multidimensional aspects portraying different facets of the collective as a whole. Singular in solidarity ~ all part of the same beautiful puzzle, uniquely designed to embrace and enhance each other.

It is time to raise awareness, for the solidarity of the whole.

Embrace individual sovereignty, step into Unity and encompass soul truth.
You are the power, you are the light you have been seeking.

Step forward, master the aspects of yourself, learn to co~ exist in harmony, celebrate diversity and step into the harmonisation of all.

In appreciation of the singular, we protect and embrace the collective as a whole.

It is time to rise..

One voice

One song

One multidimensional collective family straddling the multiverse of creation.

Copyright ©️ Deborah J Williams 2021
No copyright ©️ over the image by Mary Lee LaBay~ Repairing the fragmented Soul

Mary Lee LaBay~ Repairing the fragmented Soul