Let Peace transcend like a blanket…
All is where it needs to be…

There are great forces at work and many blessings are on the horizon…

Look to the beauty of the day, let the vista you observe be sustenance for your Soul…

Watch as mother nature dances in the crispness of autumn…
As the colours change and the days grow shorter, marvel at the beauty before you…

Change is upon us in many numerous ways, facilitate these changes by embracing them.

Let the wind roar, let the snow fall, all this is cleansing energy allowing the space for new growth in the spring.

We are in an energy of change, do you sense the subtle changes in vibration. .
Hold fast the old is dying being stripped away…
Soon to be replaced….

Lean in to that which is new, allow it to percolate and grow… Foster it, embrace and protect it….

For it is within the embryonic stage of development, still vulnerable to outside forces.

Recognise this precious cargo that is birthing within your I AM, as it grows, you grow…
As it develops you prosper in many ways by the changes it ignites within the layers of societal deformity…

As in winter, there is much pruning to do, deadwood and infected roots need to be gouged out.

This is being done on a universal level…the process is complete but the remnants of actions already taken, triumphs already one need to be witnessed embraced and embodied on the physical planes.

Copyright ©️ Deborah J Williams 2021
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Seek and yee shall find✨

Seek and yee shall find, believe and yee shall know….

When we seek and do not find what we are searching for, often we are not in balance with the vibration of allowing the unfolding of that which is sought.

Within the current cosmic reality are many convergences of truth…. Some we willingly accept others we rebuke and run from as they are so alien to our current level of perception and understanding.

Truth is a trajectory of belief and thought … The lines of truth can run in many directions and is a continuum of learning awareness.

Truth, as it is perceived and believed, is often clouded by our understanding and ability to accept that in reality, all is truth to the concept that created it.

Issues arise when the truth is bent, manipulated, distorted or used for heinous crimes…

The fabrication of the lie is portrayed as the truth…
When one or more is gathered and believes the lie as truth, distortion is infected and reality changed.

Many truths have been manipulated and misrepresented to benefit an individual, organisation or to change the level of acceptance and awareness.

We live within an illuminated emerging existence….
There will be many truths that will be laid bare, many injustices exposed…

The actual unravelling and understanding of the manipulation around the distortion of some truths will be hard to digest.

As a collective body of energy…. We are mastering the rising to an enlightened unfolding…. As in birth, the delivery can be painful… But the outcome is beautiful beyond measure.

Within these turbulent times we are birthing a new reality, stepping onto a higher timeline….
Human consciousness is shifting…

The unfolding of some truths may not be palatable, but we must hold a space of love and trust.

The process has begun, collectively we are awakening, old paradigms are collapsing….

We are emerging, awakening from the distortion of substantial truth as we have been led to perceive…

It is time to wake up and smell the roses….

Copyright ©️ Deborah J Williams 2021
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Stand in the truth of who you are ✨

Stand in the truth of who you are.

Harness the energy, feel the power. Amidst the turmoil and fear, there is illumination and truth.

Stepping into Sacredness is like languishing in pools of divine essence.

When all around is out of control, ground and centre, step away and rest within the eye of the storm. You are cosseted and protected from the noise of the hurricane all around.

You dear child have the power and the presence to cease any storm..

Your words are worthy, your actions are mighty….
Step into the sacredness of your Soul, the essence of all foundations of understanding…
There is nothing and no one that can dismantle your story by you.

There is nothing and no one who can imprison you’re spirit but you…

Claim the power, harness the strength, call back all the shattered fragments, each cleansed and bathed in divine love….

It is time to unite that which has been broken, no more we say to you, will you suffer, it is time to awaken the lion and roar your way to freedom.

You are strong, you are wise, rise up, it is time for the Phoenix to be unleashed…
Step out and be seen, you are mighty of spirit, gentle of nature….
No human can cage the essence within.

Feel the surge, harness the power, release the burden…
What is gone is done and no more. All lesser thoughts feelings, traps and emotions are purified with the grace of God…

Choose freedom, choose life….

The essence of grace is within you, love is who you are… Let go of anguish and pain, forgive and allow the tender shoots of love to seed and bloom in your heart once more.

Step into the embodiment of you, love at the core, grace incarnate.
Let your vibration soar on the thermals of expectancy….

Let the light of truth guide you, let the love of God sustain you, for it is time to embrace the power and raise in the glorious splendour of you.

You are born from the essence of the creator of worlds, you are born to shine, born to heal and help lead humanity out of a cesspool of darkness into the purity of light.

Illuminate the way, be the way-shower, step into the sacred voyage of conscious creativity. You are a child of the divine and nothing and no one can prevent the blossoming and fulfilment of your destiny.

Harness the truth, stand in the light and shine with the power of a thousand Suns…

For you are the power of divine creativity in human form…

Copyright ©️ Deborah J Williams 2021.
No copyright ©️ over the image.

Rivers of love ✨

There is a tenderness that cannot be explained, a love that has to be felt, a peace that seeps into the essence of the Soul…

At the centre of your being, there is such stillness, such compassion, such love….

An ocean of contentment, navigating a river of joy….

A gentle loving energy of such luminosity is palpable in the vibration it emits…

A universe of truth, a world without end. As you stand and witness the heart of your heart, the seat of all existence and power…..

We are humbled, brought to our knees by the beauty and the grace before, around and within us.

In these very moments, there is a realisation of such magnitudinal proportions, it rocks the very foundation of perceived existence.

For within this space, truth is revealed with divine clarity…

Within the aspects of the Souls conscious energy, at the very heart of the I AM, there is a living plasma of such divine intellect that emerges.

There are strands of all divinity as aspects of incarnate, carnate and semideify within the vibration of the Soul.

True unification personified a living symbiotic vibration embracing facets of all there has ever been.

Each resonating in perfect harmony with the next, true vibrational symbiosis on a quantum level.

As our minds wrap around the concept of this true reality, pure love washes through every thought, cleansing and uplifting our conscious awareness to levels not witnessed within this present reality.

We are home, sitting in the seat of our divinity, witnessing the aspect of the omniscience of all things.

There is such peace, such love, harmony and compassion as true oneness is being embraced within.

As we stand naked in the truth of what is being witnessed, true sovereignty of self, raw authenticity is embraced.

For within this space we are whole complete, divinity incarnated for the good of humanity.

Stripped of our identity, separated from our blueprint, awareness of self veiled within the matrix in which our human form resides…. This misconception is corrected as intellectual awareness is restored.

The matrix is crumbling, humanity is rising, as we awake to the reality of our own divinity. We are supported, uplifted and held by all that has ever been, and all that will ever be.

The celestial choirs rejoice, Gaia is rising, humanity is rising, the shift is upon us….

Let go and trust the process, for we are birthing a new world, a new vibration, the tyranny is ending, individually we exist as a living consciousness of the whole, united in the realm of quantum conscious creation.

Now is the time to remember, now is a time connect with your own divinity and meet in the stratosphere of our own divine self.

One love
One family
One Creator….

Many facets are symbolically aligned within the embodiment of the whole.

Embrace your truth and stand in the sovereignty of your Soul. You are the strength, you are the love, you are the power that rises from the ashes of erroneous enslavement.

Unrestricted by the previous trapping of this reality to birth a new world, live in a new vibration ~ love is the who we are and who we are returning to on a quantum level.

Copyright ©️ Deborah J Williams 2021.No copyright ©️ over the image.

Beautiful image by Shanta Gabriel 2017.

Stepping into Sacredness ✨🕊✨

There is a beauty blooming in the heart of hearts…
Such transcendence of peace ~ you are invited to step into sacredness.

There is a sacred rose within the centre of a blooming lotus….
There is a blessed blooming, such deep wisdom opens the petals of divine knowledge.

Sink into a place of divine appreciation, where the Soul light is illuminated by the awareness and presence of divinity itself.

Drink from the sacred pools of oneness, step into and infuse with the luminosity of the exquisite vibration erupted within the inner sanctum of self.

Bow to the presence of the sacred fire… Sit in communion with your own divinity. 

Let the power and majesty of this space empower and uplift you…

Allow the aspects of oneness to support and enrich this holy communion. You are of all things, breathing existence into being.

In sacred fellowship, there is no beginning and no end. For sacredness is the blueprint of your Soul… Divinity incarnate, whole, free, majestic in the omniscience of who you are.

A celestial light, encapsulating the Soul of Souls, the light of light. 
Nothing and no one can dim the light and Soul of the most sacred.

You are a light of divine witness, a shaper of worlds, a bastion of peace and a servant to no man.

Step into the sacredness of who you are, linger there and languish in the power of the I AM, rise energised within the flames of sacred creation.

Acknowledge the gravity of the divinity that stands before you, call back all the aspects of self, washed and cleansed, allow them to infuse and consolidate within the pools of divine truth.

Embrace the power of one.

Rise in Oneness, whole and complete…feel the power, ignite the Holy flame, stand in you’re authenticity and truth. 

Rooted in the essence of peace,  unleash the power to change and shape existence through positive thought, word, deed coupled with vibrational alignment.

Rise and be seen, rise and be empowered, the time of awareness is now to step into Sacredness.

Let the vibration of universal love lift you on the wings of divine inspiration to empower and infuse humanity with divine love and peace.

Copyright ©️ Deborah J Williams 2021 No copyright ©️ over the image.



We have experienced many disasters and delays along our journey of life as a collective human family.

To stay within the energy of where we are with the emerging new world is not an option to choose.

There have been many trials, tribulations, wars and victories over the aeons of existence…

For millennia we have been asked to be subservient to the elite…

Those who dwell in many mansions and speak with a forked tongue have been manipulating the masses. They are no more, you have the courage to leash the power of conscious creation on a quantum level.

Times are changing, there is a new dawn breaking, old paradigms that no longer serve the greatest good of all humanity are crumbling.

It a with Courage we learn
It is with courage we grow…

The time has come to explore the unfamiliar…
To step out of your comfort zone…
To embrace the challenges before you.

It may seem unfamiliar, it may seem at times too much, the ego will do what it can to keep the status quo.

It takes great strength of character to show up.

Great strength of character to change.

We are sovereign, beings of light, we have birthed planets and shaped worlds.. It is time to remember.

We have forgotten our lineage, the majesty of who we are. Each has the living spark of creation within our form.

Be bold, be passionate, strive forward, show up and be counted.

It take courage to brake the mould, to stand and speak your authentic truth.

Show up, do it anyway… The power is yours, authenticity and sovereignty is your birthright.

You are a master manifested and creator of worlds…

Take the reigns back, take your power back, we are creating our own experiences with words thoughts and deeds….

You have the power to change what is, manifest what you desire to experience within this reality.

Be consistent, plant the seeds, water them well and the harvest will come.

Copyright ©️ Deborah J Williams
No copyright ©️ over the image.

There is hope…💫


In the wee hours of the morning when love whispers in your ear…

There is hope…

You stir in you’re slumber and smile.
As the 1st rays of dawn lift above the horizon… You are blessed by the energy from the East…

So fresh and vibrant as it illuminates your form and dispels the moonlight.

There is hope….

As your senses are awakened, and your mind still sleeps you are held suspended in this energy of life.

A world between worlds, a moment between moments….
Cocooned in love, lovingly held and suspended in eternity, this is a sacred space, this is home, you’re birthright, the makeup of your own vibrational energy signature…

There is hope….

For within this energy you truly are one….lifted and supported, loved and cherished by the whole collective….

No separation, no segregation, no fear, no doubt, no conflict, no anger, no deception, no dishonesty, no distortion of truth, no judgment….

Just love in it’s purest form, understanding and awareness from a multidimensional level….

Within this energy.. There is hope…

Hope that today will be a better day…
Hope that humanity as a collective consciousness are evolving…

Waking up to the awareness of what is and are reaching critical mass to lift the illusion we are all suspended in on a human level…

There is hope…..

The tide is turning, the energy is shifting, awareness is evolving, the collective is growing, expanding, illuminating and enlightening…

Moment by moment there is hope, hope that humanity is waking from the density of the slumber we have all been exposed to.

Hope that we, the awakened are here to serve and illuminate the illusion, are ourselves awakened from this toxic slumber…

From a higher perspective, we understand the importance of the dance with the devil…

There is hope…

Hope streams to us in every living moment..lifting and supporting us…
We are love incarnate in its purest form.

Beaming this energy across the land as the world is awakening on a mass energetic level to encompass love and the actual reality on a universal scale of awakened consciousness.

There is hope, there is love, joy and celebration in the achievement and accomplishment in the unfolding of Truth…

In all things let the purity of love be you’re catalyst for change…
Let truth be your anchor as we consciously rise in unison to birth the great reset.

Copyright ©️ Deborah J Williams 2021
No copyright ©️ over the image by Denis Sudarikov

Broken 💞

Breaking point

There comes a point…. When everything changes….

A catalyst that drives you to the very edge of existence…

Run, run, run faster, your lungs burn, but still you run…

In the midst of psychological warfare when every fibre is screaming run, when your heart is pounding so hard, your body is about to drop, but still you run…. Like an animal possessed you are in full flight.

Within the turmoil of chaos when the adrenaline surges and your muscles burn…..

There comes a soft gentle voice on the breeze…. Rest child why do you run… Rest and breathe…

You are where you need to be, let go of this shadow you are carrying, let go of this burden…

You are here to grow in the light not run in the darkness.

Come and sit awhile let me hold you, let me cleanse the worry and fear from your life.

You are a child of light, here to burn brightly. I am here to reignite the spark for you will burn with goodness, and light an inferno of light in others.

Though you walk through the shadow, you are of the light… You are here to cleanse your ancestral lineage. Have a karmic reset….

You will no longer be a slave to ego, what was once is no more…..

Do not concentrate on that which is perceived by to be but that to which you desire.

Do not run, stand and hold your ground, breathe through the pain, breathe through the heartache.

You are stronger than the fears that torment you…

Copyright ©️ Deborah J Williams 2021
No copyright ©️ over the image

Ignite the flame 🔥

There is a fire deep within the very fabric of your being.

It is within and without, all-consuming, burning fiercely, ignited from the spark of conscious creation.

It will always and has always been there even when there is no conscious comprehension of it.

Waiting for mastery to ignite the spark of wisdom.
For this is a living flame. 

The essence of power.

The essence of love.

Asymbol of grace

A driver of change, an extinguisher of fear.

The Soul light of truth reigns supreme.

The light of God runs through every mortal Soul and every living thing.

To touch this light is to embrace the power of pure divinity.

With power comes great responsibility. With laser precision, you can create and eliminate conscious awareness.

Divinity is the birthright of man, forged from infinite creation to expand into the awareness of our divine blueprint.

Ignite the passion, stand within the holy flame and harness the power of you’re own divinity.

Become a bastion of truth, a driver for change. An illuminator of justice and a voice in the wilderness.

Copyright ©️ Deborah J Williams 2021No copyright ©️ over the image.

Autumnal changes 🍁🍂

Do you feel the subtle energy changes….
Do you feel the crispness in the air…
The light is fading quickly and the darkness is elongating…

Lazy hazy summer days, are being replaced by cooler misty morns….
They bring with then, their own ethereal beauty….

We are preparing for a new season, a new energy…
An exciting time is upon us..

Autumn will soon be here in all her beautiful splendour.
Delicate shades of yellow, orange and red…will soon sweep across the land…

Like a delicate flower the trees will bloom in a final blaze of glory….
A sight of such magnificence, a sight to mark a time of change…

For this is the beginning of the great reset, the final shedding of all that is.

A time of beauty, a time of grace….
A time to give thanks for the glory that was and the magnificence of what is….

Feel the energy wrap around you as the wind gathers…. Standing on a headland buffeted by the blast of rain like needles plummeting your skin…

The raw energy is invigorating…. As your soul soars high above the land you are tossed like a feather, twisting and spinning higher and higher, lost in dizzy excitement.

Feel the power, embrace the change…

Autumn, a most beautiful season

Copyright ©️ Deborah J Williams 2021
No copyright ©️ over the image.