Turn away from the chaos and seek the peace of stillness.

Do not fan the flames of the storm, for it will dissipate with no attention.

Deep within the stillness is the peace you seek.

Let your body be intoxicated with relief from the incessant din of the world.

Bathe in the beauty of this space and give thanks for the calmness and grace that envelops you.

There is a blanket of snow on the ground that covers and protects the earth.

Far beneath the encrusted surface while the outer world is suspended there is a great activity.

Life is stirring and growth and expansion are preparing to burst forth at the 1st sign of spring.
Just as we are preparing for the return of the Universal light 💗

Copyright ©️ Deborah J Williams 2021

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From out of the mouths of children truth will rise.

A truth so brutal in it’s beauty it will pierce the den of iniquity for good.

Like a plague of a million locusts, everything will be stripped bare.

The truth is the truth and nothing will be hidden.

What was previously unknown will become known and forever burnished within the timeline of history.

There will be deep pain and lack of understanding among the few….

Joy shall rise like an eternal fountain of victory from the depths of the earth..

Forever running free for eternity 
Mighty armies of Peace will emerge out of the chaos.

Man will no more feed off Man ~ 

Wildlife will be protected in all forms with such deep reverence and Gaia will sing a new Song of Joy and Peace…

The Awakening is birthing a new existence…. A new way of living and communicating. 

That which has been hidden will be revealed.

No more sickness, no more pain….no more fear

The transcendence of harmony and Joy Universal. 

The light of aeons will bathe the land in such celestial brilliance that vibrational tones will excel to new dizzy heights of ecstasy, truth and harmony.

Copyright ©️ Deborah J Williams 2021

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Winter musings..

The power of winter
There is a low glow over the landscape, a globe half shrouded in clouds that hangs in the late afternoon sky..

A raw freshness that bites like a thousand falling needles hitting the face.

Intricate beauty which is lost to the naked eye, but brings delight as it gently settles on cold noses.

The power of winter is a marvellous spectacle. 

The harnessing of raw beauty ~ making the hearts of children sing.

Chilled to the bone, yet experiencing an inner furnace that ignites pure excitement and exhilaration in any Soul.

A distant echo of youth is visualised ~ playing for hours in the deep glistening snow…

Many different decorated shapes adorned lovingly with carrots, twigs and even old scarfs displayed proudly on what was once the front lawn.

The echo of laughter fills the air as children bomb down the side of a hill to land in a heap at the bottom…

Dogs barking feverishly trying to keep up with the dizzy exhilaration of activity.

Each ride more precarious than the previous as the surface turns to sheet ice on each perfect pass.

Laughter rings in the air, some scrapes and bruises discovered on walking home are worn proudly like battle scars.

There is a feeling of being alive, despite the piercing cold.

Joy in its purest form radiating in each breath as it is lovingly exhaled to leave visible vapour that instantly disappears.

Far below the encrusted frozen surface, the earth is silent but life stirs in preparation to great the winter thaw…

As days get longer, nights become shorter and the sun rises higher in the sky spring is around the corner.

Deep within the darkness shoots are preparing to emerge and in the fullness of will bloom in a cacophony of brilliant colour.

The changing of seasons are welcomed by the warming breezes from the South.. 

Birds squealing in the trees as branches break in bud to herald the dawning of freshness and beauty once again to walk in dappled shade and smell the wild garlic underfoot

 Copyright ©️ Deborah Williams 2021

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Grief is a pain so deep…it is like being suspended over the fires of hell with no way out.

Any loss be it expected or unexpected is a pain we all bear..

We have to learn to face Grief head-on…

Understand on a metaphysical and psychological level how this affects us.

Grief is a pain of torment…the coming to terms with the loss of a physical thing. 

Be it human, animal or object, the effect can portray the significance of the loss on a personal level.

Loss is expressed as a deep physical ache that can torture a soul by the non-physical disappearance of a loved one.

We are all vibrational beings, born of light, and return to light.

Never lost ~ we just vibrate on a different frequency our human mind and body cannot comprehend or visualise.

We are not the vessel we leave, but the beautiful ever-transforming light within the essence of who we truly are. 

Grief is the pain of loss….A pain of a deep love that is no longer visible to us in this reality.

Our mind can torment us with the pain of this loss…But it is our hearts that need to heal…

Out of a pit of despair, where the mind has locked our hearts in a cyclone of pain, we must learn to let the light back in… 

We can withstand this onslaught that at times can knock us over unexpectedly by its sheer power and intensity…. 

Grief is an outpouring of love for something that we can no longer touch or see.

We sit within a cesspool of despair and wallow in the shadow of pain.
Trapped by this cyclone we gradually sink deeper and deeper…

Within the trappings of our mind, day by day we heal.

Once we hit the nothingness and in exhaustion, we sit ~ love again seeps into the darkness…

We sit utterly spent of emotion in the dark.

For in darkness we will discover the light ~ in the silence we will hear the gentle whisperings of our soul. 

A song of love

A song of peace 

A song of hope and a song of Grace.

There is no time stamp on how long this process will last ~ for grief as love is a personal journey of discovery and self-mastery.

A discovery of inner strength and fortitude. An acute awareness that life indeed goes on and nothing is ever truly lost.

Moment by moment we release the pain and replace it with love.

Just as the Lilly emerges from the mud and silt far beneath the surface of the pond.

After growing in the semi-darkness within the depths of this muddy reservoir.

Life again emerges to blossom and bathe in the fullness of time and seamlessly integrate to express the beauty that has always been.

So too shall we.

Day by day we too get stronger, day by day the light becomes more intense until once again this acute pain is softened and is replaced with love.

Survivors of the storm ~ once again to sail in open water and feel the freshness of the wind and the suns warmth on our face, to smell and taste the salt on the water as it tantalises our senses.

To feel uplifted and discover the joy that again returns to embrace us like a long lost friend 

…in time as we heal and learn to smile again, this energy will invigorate not only our mind and body but also the very essence of our Soul.

Within the darkness, I seek you,  .

Within the stillness, I feel you

Within the shadow I find you.

You whisper to me and once again as I revel in the essence of joy I can feel life.

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Touch is such a personal thing….

The warm touch of another can ease the pain of 1000 sorrows.

Touch can lift the sadness of a broken heart… 

Mend a wound of such deep proportions and graces the face of sorrow with a smile.

Human contact is a fundamental right…an essential part of our communication just as speaking or wrapping them in the arms of unconditional love.

Touch can spark a conversation in a place of darkness without uttering a word..letting the light in and uplifting the Soul…

Touch can ignite the passion of a Soul… Like a million fireflies on a warm sultry night….

Touch can soothe the savage beast to release emotions trapped within a Soul in torment.

Touch can ease the emotion of despair that prevents the suffering heal. 

Releasing pain can prevent a fortress from dissolving and a geezer from erupting in total chaos.

Touch can be as exhilarating as cool water drifting over naked flesh on a warm summers day….

Or the freshness of a summers breeze kissing the cheek as it passes

Touch can heal a soul in torment, healing a deep carnal need to self destruct.

Touch is a sign of love, a sign of peace…a silent gesture of understanding without the need for words.

Touch is a sign of compassion for a Soul that struggles and a ray of hope for those lost in darkness…

Sit and feel the touch of the earth as your feel rest in the cool long grass….

Feel the beautiful release as the water in the brook sweeps away your sufferings as it travels down stream.

Feel the light of the Sun warm your bones on a cool winters day and feel the love of the angels wrap you in unconditional love as they guide and support your journey…

None of this would be possible without the power of touch….

Touch is the food all Souls express without the need for words….

Do not become a stranger to this gesture as it is a powerful gift to give and receive….

Touch ~ the power of divine healing, the Grace of love and the Soul of compassion where words are not needed.

Copyright ©️ Deborah J Williams 2021

No copyright ©️ over the Images. 

Expand into Oneness

Can you feel the gentle stirrings beneath your feet…

Can you feel the earth breathe?

Can you feel the gentle expansion as Gaia stretches to welcome in a new day…..

Do you feel the excitement beneath your foundations….

Tap into this exquisite energy and feel it ripple and reverberate around your Soul….

Stretch and welcome the newness of the morning as you sit in the freshness of a new day…

Marvel as the world wakes to the everlasting fountain of joy seeping from the living being we are resting upon..

Let this living energy ripple through your feet and dance in the Sun as you weave in the vibration of oneness.

One Soul, one life, one heart one living stream of infinite consciousness.

At the core, we are one…. No fragmentation….just pure love, joy tolerance and deep understanding for fellow man….

 Embrace the energy of the dawn, watch as the early morning mist disperses and leaves the dew saturated on branches like a thousand jewelled globes.

Each blessed by the rays of the noonday Sun that will evaporate with the fullness of a new day.

Feel the vibration change as Gaia wakes from her long winter slumber to welcome in the 1st shoots of spring.  

It is time for us to wake, do you hear the sound of the distant celestial beat?

A beat of life, a beat of love….embrace this vibration as it gets stronger….

Rise in all your magnificence and dance in the living stream of consciousness that you are….

A spark of divinity, a child of God.. A sovereign God incarnate in human form….here to experience the shift and uplift humanity….

It is time to Step forward and heed the cry of your Soul…. Let your Kundalini rise like a Phoenix from the ashes….

It is time to celebrate the dawning of you in all you’re glorious magnificence…

Copyright ©️ Deborah J Williams 2021

No copyright ©️ over the image.

Light of my love 💗

Do not fight what is within you…
Tease it out like the delicate blooms of a rose.

Let it grow and watch the beautiful unfolding that is you….

Let the love that I have for you bloom in all you say and do….

Feel the light of 1000 gossamer threads glistening in the noonday sun as you exude the essence of your IAM.

Let the rain fall and engulf you… Let my countenance envelop and protect you ~ all the days of your life.

Let the sound of the breeze whisper my messages of love to you, hear them in the cacophony of sounds in nature.

Let your Soul rise in the morning sun, and dance among the stars at night…
Find the essence of your joy and you will find me in all living things.

Breath of my breath, light of my life…
Creation of my being, lift up in love and shine for all to glimpse the beauty of your Soul….

Sit within this vacuous space of love deep within the universe of your Soul and we will sing in unison a new song waiting to be birthed.
Copyright ©️ Deborah J Williams 2021
No copyright ©️ over the image.

Love is the answer

Love is the answer…

Sit in the comfort of your breast where all things are as they should be..

There I will comfort and connect with thee.

Hush the trapping of the world outside… rest in the countenance of your being.

Follow the breath to a place before time, discover the blueprint of the originality of your Soul.

Like a web that is woven through the strands of time.
Your sovereignty stands at the epicentre of Creation.

Marvel at the elegance of what you discern…

For within this space in a time before eternity, when thought was as clear as a mountain stream~ this is where you need to be.

Drink from the eternal waters it’s a gift of spirit….
Sit under the branches of the mighty Rowan and converse with the essence of all that has ever been.

Deep within this void are the keys of translucency…

A time before pain
A time before fear…
A time before destruction and wanted pillage of the Soul…
A time before the great shadow fell upon us.
A time before the beauty of Gaia was shackled by the depravity of those who walk among us and have no Soul….

We are at the epicentre of transformation, we are here to witness the dawning of a new era.

Birthed through the Soul of love

Do you feel the volcanic movement from the Soul of Gaia..

Do you feel the vibrancy of her being as you stand in the beauty of this space…

Bow in deep reverence and align with the core of Creation.

Tap into the essence available to you here.

Light of my light, love of my heart…absorb the beauty and the clarity of luminosity you discern in this space..
Drink till your cup runneth over and spread it like Stardust throughout the sands of time.

Copyright ©️ Deborah J Williams 2021
No copyright ©️ over the image.

Energetic resonance

As you stand in the noonday sun, can you feel the rush of new energy moving towards you.

Does your Soul levitate in an eagerness to greet it?

Do the cells of your body ignite and quiver in the presence of the newness of this energy?

Soaring to unfamiliar heights in dizzy anticipation of its arrival.

Can you feel it encapsulate your Soul raising the harmonics within your own human form to an extreme level of ecstatic anticipation?

Can you feel wave after wave of photonic energy as it is beamed into the very reality before you.

Sit and allow your essence to bathe in the strength of it’s presence….

Let your body vibrate with excitement as you harmonise these new frequencies…

Gone is the density of the preceding year, replaced by lighter, brighter, stronger vibrations of collective strength.

Embrace the shift ~ for it is open to us all… 

Be open to the change, assimilate the higher frequencies available to you…

Rise on the geothermal energy as Gaia sings in response to the influx of new power available for assimilation.

Let your body chime in vibrational alignment as the assimilation takes place. 

Feel the energy exude from your being as you stand in harmonic resonance.

The power and brilliance of your sovereignty visible for everyone to see…

A living fireball of Universal energy.. in full vibrational resonance with Source.

Embrace the light into your Soul and shine it into the darkness ~ becoming the guiding light of freedom and promise so many seek.

Copyright ©️ Deborah J Williams 2021

No copyright ©️ over the image.

New Year New Energy

Step into the new energies of 2021…
Have you felt the shift….
Can you feel the clarity…
Have you shed the density of 2020….

Feel the power of new beginnings….
Embrace the shift.
Embrace the light..
Pull the fragmented pieces of yourself together….

Lift yourself above the illusion of the storm and shine…

Within wholeness, we rise
Within wholeness, we shine
Within wholeness we are complete

Fragmented no more, bound together with love…
Fused in the internal fire,
That which was once broken is now complete

Shine in the magnificence of your emergence…
From fragmented beginning we now shine with the power of prisms of refracted light in all our brilliance.

Ascend and soar on the thermal ribbons of universal energy…

Copyright ©️ Deborah J Williams 2021.

No copyright ©️ over the image.