I am the light of truth đź’ž

When you stand in the light, there is a thread of darkness that twists around you.
As a perceived threat you are saught out, tested and stalked. The darkness lurks in the undergrowth, an unseen observer, a bottom feeder, for the misguided societal norms.

This darkness cannot touch you, you are fuelled by the light of a sacred flame.
Darkness seeps into your space like an unwelcome observer. A month to the flame, continuously drawn ever nearer to the truth that will burnish the very fragments of its existence.
 Turmoil is its friend, disruption is the game.
Missguided and not understood this silent observer, this leach of disruption, sent as a silent ambassador to foster a different way. Will not tame this cry of truth.
I am a child of creation, a child of the light. My voice is my power, and I stand in my light.
I illuminate the darkness seeing the very essence of what is. 
There is no darkness that can control me, beguile me or deceive this bastion of light.
We have the power, we have the right, for freedom is our ally, our voice is our arbiter of justice.
Stand tall stand proud, the wheels of change are spinning, whirling in the direction of truth.
The dawn is fast approaching…This sacred flame will banish the darkness, once again into oblivion from whence it came.Copyright©Deborah Williams 2020.No copyright over the image.

Reach for the Stars.

Reach for the stars.

There is so much beauty, love and hope in every waking second.

Reach for it every day, do not waiver or settle for second best.

You are born with stardust in your veins and the essence of God in your heart.

We are an unbeatable force of goodness and light, awakening to our mission at hand.

There is a beauty and wonder in every waking moment.

We have the eyes to see and the heart to feel…

Daily we are cleansed by the gentle rain as it nourishes the land.

Daily we are blessed with the warmth of the sun as it blesses the earth.

Just as the Eagle flies, we too must learn to fly. Fly above any perceived obstacle to reach the freedom that is our birthright.

We give thanks for these beautiful lessons. We united stand-in our own divinity as bastions of good. Shining in our own sovereignty, for we are the true masters of the skies.

First of all, we must remember who we are. Find that spark of divinity within our living Soul.

Connect to the God-consciousness within the very core of our BEing.

Look beyond the turmoil in which we dwell, rise to appreciate the view of the whole in the perfection of what is.

For far too long we have been misguided, deceived and lied to.

There is a palpable stench that oozes in the air.

The decay of millennials of tyranny and deception lies behind us.

No more.

This has ended, we are joined by forces of Light yet to be acknowledged, waiting for the perfect moment to disclose their existence.

As we stand in the presence of this now moment, we are victorious in the shedding that which was never meant to rule over us.

The cycle of this deception is crumbling, the matrix is being replaced.

The light is rising.

We are an army of warriors rising in the light of the dawn. Each emitting an energetic signature to illuminate the way for the awakening ones.

Stand tall, stand strong, now is the time to shine, to stand should to shoulder and welcome the New Dawn we have been waiting for.

Stand in your light,

Stand in your truth

Stand in the sovereignty of who you are.

Copyright Deborah Williams 2020
No copyright over the image

Divine breath

Within each divine breath there is a space …

A divine pause at the top…

A space for receiving and letting go…

A Soul interaction with the heavenly hosts…

You are encouraged to interact within the pause….

All that you seek is spoken in this sacred space….

Listen not with your earthly ears but with the intuition of your Soul…

Feel the release of pressure,

Feel the release of tension,

Feel the rush of joy in letting the burden go.

Within the letting go, we rise to a new  height,

Experience bliss through a new lens…

Appreciate the beauty within the space of Now….

As your vibration rises, so does your Soul.

Experiencing a new perspective in the journey of life.

For once what was familiar becomes stagnant, in shedding the old we allow room for new grow .

Within the growth we learn, evolve and rise..

There is a beauty in the journey..

A beauty in the lessons to receive the blessings.

Look to the horizon and view the future

Rise on the thermals of energetic vibration.

All is well , dwell in the now and create the beauty of tomorrow….
Copyright Deborah Williams 2020.
No copyright over the artwork.

Field of dreams….

Field of dreams 

Within the turbulence of this beautiful space of divine love you are asked to rest and just be…

To be the silent observer…

To appreciate the beauty of the moment…

To appreciate the unfolding of the journey. 

To understand your role in the beating heart of Gaia…

You are the flower in a field of barley…

Standing in faith and magnificence

A bright reminder of all that is good…

A light to expand and uplift the soul while infusing each and every positive emotion with love.

Vibrant in colour to be recognised.

Supple enough to bend with the wind..

You stand as a bastion of change, not as a threat but as a beautiful uplifting reminder of love.

As the wind blows across the prairie it signals a great change in the shifting consciousness.

We are here to lead the way

We are here as the chosen to stand firm as guardians of change…

We are here to hold space for us all to expand and uplift each other’s soul while the frequency and energy of pure divine love is restored.

Within the garden of your Soul there is no room for doubt and indecision…

You carry the divine mantel of creation…

Here to hold the frequency and energy of love….

To light the way.

To become the torchbearers of the new dawn..

We have entered the age of great change, reality is being reset….

The battle is won, the energy of darkness has been destroyed…

There are fractions of energetic negativity still in the now reality, but understand this is an echo of the past…

Be reassured that the light has been victorious….

We will soon be reunited with the divine light beings of the cosmos….

Such a beautiful thing and not to be feared…

Your media will portray a very different story, of fear and invasion…

Stand in your truth, listen the inner workings of the Soul…

This is in fact very much the opposite…

All is unfolding in divine timing.

Beings of light and evolved technology are returning home.

Our brothers and sisters, here to assist in the birthing and the  embedding of the alignment with the age of Aquarius..

We are the guardian’s of the skies…

The light in all storms…

The time is fast approaching when we will stand united in love and rise forever from this false matrix we have been enslaved in. 

Victory is ours… The battle is won.

Be ready to serve…

Light the way to happiness with love…

Tyrannical rule is no more…

The Cabal are crumbling, unity consciousness is rising in victory….

Copyright Deborah Williams 2020
No copyright over the artwork

Call to take responsibility

There is an energetic shift…It is ripping through humanity. Can you feel it?
We have had time to reflect, a time to pause and just be.
Have we learnt from this time of reflection?
Have we understood what caused the shift? Have you learnt to cherish what you have as a sacred gift?
Have you understood the need to reflect? Have you shifted from a state of industrial suicide and become more heart and Nature centred?
Have you understood that ALL life is sacred and there is a need for compassion and understanding accross the human, plant and animal kingdoms.
There is a deep wound that has festered ~ it is a time for healing.
A time for peaceful protests.
It is time to connect to the Source of all life. It is time to take responsibility for your actions, understand how you personally affect your immediate surroundings.  
Take a greener stance, clean up our planet, clean up the beaches, oceans and forests. Take your litter home and use less plastic….Say no to choking the environment with litter.
Eat clean, and help address the deforestation and tragic loss of natural habitat. 
All these changes are within our gift to address and change…
Raise your personal standards and environmental impact will ensure all life on this beautiful planet is forever protected.

Awakening Soul’s

Awakened Souls…stand waiting for the great awakening, ready to enbrace the Event….
Standing like silent sentinels soaking up the energy of the new dawn..
As the collective energy rises, the mist clears and more souls are awakening into this beautiful space of divine love. 
Within the turbulance of this misted area lies, fear, doubt, confusing and even violence fuelled by the cloaked individuals who are enslaving us in this false matrix…
Just as the winds of change are stiring the mist is clearing, the density is thinning and the cabal are crumbling….
The infrastructures are shining the light, the matrix is transforming and healing.
We will not be enslaved any longer, we are free sovereign beings, who freely invoke our God self power to banish all alien invasion forces of darkness to be banished.
To destroy the Cabal and the infected festering wounds the world has been sinflected to be coruptly ruled by.
Call in the light, ignite your God power and shine brightly like diamonds burning any darkness away and trasmuting it into Gods blue divine light forever…Copyright Deborah Williams 2020No copyright over the artwork 

Vibration of love, vibration of joy …

Within the NOW there is such an expectancy ….We are approaching a cataclysmic shift in reality of such epic proportions.

A shift to not only find our divine essence and rise into the 5D , but to release and birth this through the know and unknown cosmic reality of our past, present and future ….

As we return to the Universal energetic signature of divinity, we become the light, others will seek out for counsel, knowlegde and the divine truth that has always been…

Our souls will dance, with such joy it will be as if we are entering utopia.No more pain, no more fear, no more deception, deceit or violence…

Unification will be complete, mind body and Soul will vibrantly unite in complete symbiotic alignment from this time on.

All living entities will be openly welcome as we reunite with the light beings of all races to form interstellar galactic and Angelic allegiance with all.

The shadow of darkness banished, given the opportunity to transmute into light, free from tyrannical rule and enslavement. 

We rise in love, we rise to honour each and every living being…We walk in peace.

Breathe and give thanks,  for the opportunity to experience this too, for the growth, and freedom of humanity is why we came to assist Gaia in the ascension….

Look upon this field of sunflowers in the sunshine, and feel the joy, and happiness, in your heart as you feel the essence of vibration and communicate with the vibration of your Soul…..

Breathe in joy

Breathe in happiness 

Breathe in the love for self and all things….

Feel into the vibration, ground it into the earth, open your heart, and send it in sonic booms, and busts of love around the cosmos, raising the vibration of all it touches.

Copyright Deborah Williams 2020

No copyright over the image 

Still waters run deep…

Still waters run deep…
When you look at a tranquil setting what do you see?Is your breath taken away with the beautiful vista before you?Do you appreciate the beauty of Nature in your heart?

Can you see, the significance of what is playing out in your NOW reality. 
Look deep, and look long, for as in life when all seems stagnant there is great activity out of sight.
You are asked to trust. Trust that spirit has a grand plan… 
Often when we do not see, our desired progress quickly, we loose heart, and become disillusioned with what we perceive as inactivity.
Be assured, as the bolders gently sit in the river, they are nourished by the water and the sun.

In turn, they give a perch to animals seeking a drink or looking for food.
The odd ripple on the water hides a myriad of activity below the surface. 
You will not see the dradonfly larvae maturing…

You will not see the reeds bending as a fish brush past.
Look at the beautiful reflection in the water, can you truly appreciate the wonders of the divine landscape.
Breathe in the light, breathe in the love.
I invite you to ground your energy in nature…. to look deep in your Soul for the beauty within your own existence.
What you see is shining back at you, look deep in the mirror and feel the love your at the centre of your being its shining through the windows of your Soul.
You may find yourself in a holding pattern, with litte percieved activity…Rest in this beautiful space of divine love….
This is the calm before the storm, the pause before the rise.
There is a great storm coming, an energetic storm of cataclysmic proportions, we have waited for this for eons, we have entered the the age of Aquarius, we are on the cusp of the spiritual revolution we have waited and prayed for….
We are the deliverers of truth, seeding the rise into the 5D.
Appreciate the rest, enjoy the calm…
The spiritual revelution is coming we will forever dance in the rivers of joy we are creating.Copyright Deborah Williams 2020 No copyright over the artwork.

With thanks always

Look at the beauty of what is created. Revel in the energy of calmness. Let it seep into your loving embrace and gently envelop you in the pleasure of the moment. 

There is a great sense of peace in letting go.

Allowing everything to unfold in the perfect moment.

Gaze on this scene and soak up the beauty captured in this image.

Give thanks for the little things, the bees that pollinate the flowers, the sun that warms the earth to germinate the seeds, the rain that refreshes and cleanses everything.

Revel in the changing seasons allowing nature to fulfil the beauty of existence and give thanks for the beautiful uplifting blessings to us all along the way.

For too long we have become too materialistic, we have been graced with a period to reconnect to nature, reconnect to Our inner wisdom and the infinite spark of divine consciousness that resides in each of us.

For in gratitude we are brought closer to Our own source of power. It uplifts us, as we rejoice we are filled with joy and happiness. In turn we pass this joy onto other’s as we navigate through  our own personal journey.

Notice the beauty of Nature in all that you do. Enjoy the song of the birds in the trees or flying on the wing. Notice the flowers and the gentle vibration they release.

Bring gratitude into everything and you will be uplifted.

As the sun kisses the ocean, another day is done.

Soon the horizon will be blessed with a new day and a new dawn and again we will receive the blessings from the Universe. 
Copyright Deborah Williams 2020
No copyright over the artwork

Illuminate the light đź’ž

When the sun illuminates the shadow, your day is done.

When we are brave enough to look at what we do not wish to see, and face our darkest fears.
We are illuminating the darkness and transforming it into light

When we are no longer blinded by darkness, we walk in the light- we become and radiate the light that we are.

This is the true essence of who you are. A spark of divine light. God self illuminating what is no longer there.
For once the light shines on the shadow, the shadow is no more, but transmuted into light for eternity.

There are no shadows within this space where you dwell. There is no conflict.
There is no adversaries to overcome.
A vessel of light is all that dwells within this space.

Shine your divine essence wherever you go.
You are the light, you have always been seeking.
Radiate love
Radiate truth.

For all things through me are born of truth and dwell in the heart forever.

Copyright Deborah Williams 2020.
Copyright of image created 2019.